www.herbal360.org is an online initiative of Herbal Chikitsa an initiative of ACN Group to promote and popularize Ayush systems of medicine and healthcare. SMCI India Ltd.

ACN Group is a multi-service Group with diversified business interests having its headquarters at the National Capital of India, Delhi. www.herbal360.org aims at becoming the country’s popular client-friendly website for information on Ayush, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy.

www.herbal360.org adopts best professional standards of the online information dissemination and ensure high degree of quality, accuracy, and credibility. Through www.herbal360.org, we seek to promote the time-tested medical sciences based on Ayush and latest and accurate information thereof.

Apart from the website, ACN Group brings out Herbal Chikitsa a Monthly Magazine. Herbal Chikitsa disseminates latest and relevant updates in the field of herbal traditional medicine and Ayush.

The website offers Business to Business service through its dedicated panel of Ayush experts headed by Mr R A Chaudhary (Chairman and Managing Director, ACN Group of Institutions) backed by e-commerce’s best IT team.

Through articles and write-ups from a panel of subject experts, specialists including some of the sharpest minds in the field of alternative medicine, www.herbal360.org strikes a perfect balance between credible information and in-depth analysis on latest developments in the field.

Nationally and internationally acclaimed therapists, professors, scientists, manufacturers of herbal medicines, Ayush experts, exporters and importers are among the website’s valued contributors.

The website undertakes the task of developing quality online contents on the subject and propagate them to the masses. It offers complete cost-effective outsourcing solutions for organizations seeking to expand their business horizons.

www.herbal360.org provides access to one of the best repositories of Indian and global herbal business and related news. Apart from the flagship publication, Herbal Chikitsa, the website features testimonials from the industry, practitioners and research scholars.

We, at the ACN Group, are pioneers in the education of Ayush and feel it is our corporate responsibility to preserve and promote the holistic system of medicine – inherent in our national tradition – which unfortunately lags behind in the global surge despite all our efforts and others from various interested quarters.

We aim to achieve this noble objective of putting this system of alternative medicine in its rightful perspective through education, research, manufacturing, and global marketing. Your support in the form of contribution and other means will go a long way in meeting this end.

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