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Herbs that have potential to fight Arthritis pain

Herbal Chikitsa Symptoms of arthritis are so agonising that you can’t go about your daily routine. Medication won’t help you get over the excruciating inflammatory pain and swelling. Under the circumstances, natural herbal approach to treatment comes in handy for arthritis patients. Thank God, there are certain herbs that contain anti-inflammatory properties which can prove a boon for arthritis patients. Th ...

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Don’t get stressed out! Try out herbal solutions

Herbal Chikitsa Stress is an autonomic response in consequence to the physical or emotional threats to the organism. Stress can be cause related or due to the external factors. Physical causes need physical help. Emotional causes need support to divert mind .External factors need to be changed to remove the causes of stress. Cause of stress • Family worries • Work strain • Financial crisis • Personal concer ...

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Herbs that keep your body and mind together

Herbal Chikitsa Adaptogenic and other herbs that help balance body and mind naturally, without causing side-effects are the most effective way to achieve optimal health. There are five basic herbs that you need to have for your mental and physical health: Turmeric One of the most clinically studied herbs turmeric has the potential to heal both mind and body. Curcumin is the primary component of turmeric. Ap ...

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Ancient Egyptians practiced reflexology

Herbal Chikitsa It is common to feel tired and have muscle fatigue or body aches. Between stress at work and home, it is easy to forget about yourself and your essential needs. We all know the importance of taking care of our bodies. A sound body can contribute to a sound mind. We know how exercise and a proper diet assist in physical and psychological well-being. But, what about massage and acupressure? Is ...

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Types of hair disorders and their cures

Herbal Chikitsa Human hair has many functions. It gives us the feeling of and sensation of touch, adds to the beauty of face and protects sensitive areas, such as the nose and eyes, from dust. Hair also keeps us warm during winters. Genetic factors determine colour, curl, thickness and amount of hair. There many problems associated with hair, shedding, baldness, infections, excess growth (hirsutism) and dev ...

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Worried Over Heartburn? Go Herbal, Result Guaranteed

Herbal Chikitsa Heartburn initially manifests itself in the burning sensation that is felt in the throat. This prickly pain at some later stage moves to the center of the chest. Gastric fluids creeping up the throat, in the worst case scenario, causes sudden discomfort in the chest which at times leads to cough reflexes. Patient in the situation does not respond any kind of medication. At some point or the ...

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Herbal treatment for Asthma attacks

Herbal Chikitsa The term ‘asthma’ derives its origin from a Greek word, which means breathlessness. Thus asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder which results in acute attacks characterised by breath shortness; a feeling of being unable to get enough air regardless of your constant efforts. Coughing, expectoration of stringy, sticky sputum and a feeling of tightness in the chest are the common symptoms of ...

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Olive Leaf Extract – an Incredible Crusader Against Viruses

Herbal Chikitsa Olive leaf extract has been widely used. It is considered safe, and is well researched. However, as with all herbal medicines, caution should still be exercised when using any herb as part of a treatment or nutritional plan. The following information should not substitute for medical advice or conventional medical treatments. Before taking any herb one is unfamiliar with, it is best to infor ...

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Use of Herbal Remedies – A historical perspective

Herbal Chikitsa The usage of plants as a form of medicine has existed since prehistoric times. A number of cave paintings, such as those found in caves in France, are testament to this fact. Many anthropologists believe that various animals evolved in a manner which would allow them to consume plants to combat diseases. The written record indicates that humans have been studying herbs for at least 5,000 yea ...

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ज्यादा खाओगे, भूलने लग जाओगे

अगर ज्यादा खाओगे, तो मोटे हो जाओगे, ये तो सुना था, पर ज्यादा खाने का भूलने से क्या लेना देना? ताजा रिसर्च बताती है कि जंक फूड याददाश्त कमजोर कर सकता है. ऑस्ट्रेलिया में चूहों पर हुई रिसर्च में देखा गया कि ज्यादा वसा और ज्यादा चीनी वाली चीजें खाने के बाद उनकी याददाश्त कमजोर होने लगी. और ऐसा होने में बहुत ज्यादा वक्त भी नहीं लगा. एक हफ्ते के अंदर ही वे भूलने लगे. शोध करने वाली न्यू साउथ वेल्स यूनिवर्सिटी की म ...

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