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Ginkgo supplement does not contain colchicine, say experts

Herbal Chikitsa Recent research has proved that ginkgo supplements do not contain the toxic alkaloid colchicine as was suggested by a study. The study, "Identification of Colchicine in Placental Blood from Patients Using Herbal Medicines," by Petty et al., was released on the American Chemical Society's website in 2001. The authors of the study, which was not formally published, warned that consumption of g ...

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Ten basic but most useful Yogasanas

Herbal Chikitsa Yoga offers physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that help us lead a peaceful and harmonious existence. There are many Yogasanas useful in attainment of not only physical and mental health but also complete peace of body, mind and soul together. Here are 10 basic but key asanas essential for beginners: Bhastrika Pranayam Procedure: Take deep breath and then completely bre ...

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Yoga – Rev up The Power of Body, Mind & Soul

Herbal Chikitsa Yoga, or hatha Yoga, is an ancient form of exercise and mind/body control from which we can all greatly benefit.  It began in India circa 2000-1000 BCE as a form of meditation.  It appears in ancient holy texts such as the Upanishads and soon developed into breathing practices and body positions designed to discipline the mind and strengthen the body and soul. The word “Yoga” means “to unite ...

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Safuf Mudir and Sharbat Bazuri Motadil stand therapeutic scrutiny for UTIs

HERBAL CHIKITSA In patients with urinary tract infection (UTI), an inflammatory response of urothelium to bacterial invasion, Safuf mudir and Sharbat Bazuri motadil play a vital role. To assess the efficacy and safety of these drugs, a study was carried out in the department of Moalijat Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College and hospital. There are two anatomic categories of UTIs. They are: lower urinary tract infectio ...

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Unani herbal drug Parsiaoshan – an introduction

Herbal 360 Parsiaoshan, a Unani drug, is known for its antipyretic, demulcent, expectorant, diuretic, emmenagogue, desiccant and resolvent actions. It is used in all types of fevers, be it catarrh, coryza, asthma, anuria, dysuria and amenorrhoea. Decoction of Parsiaoshan is used to get rid of dandruff. Attributed to the plant Adiantum capillus-veneris, the drug is identified as Adiantum venustum since use o ...

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Unani – The Royal Therapy

Herbal Chikitsa Unani medicine is an ancient Greek medicine that has evolved in Muslim world over 13 centuries. Unani is an Arabic spelling of Ionian, meaning Greek). It was Greek philosopher Hippocrates (460-377 BC) who freed the medicine from the realm of superstition and magic, and gave it a status of science. The theory of Unani medicinal system has the foundation and teachings of Hippocrates. After Hip ...

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Worried Over Heartburn? Go Herbal, Result Guaranteed

Herbal Chikitsa Heartburn initially manifests itself in the burning sensation that is felt in the throat. This prickly pain at some later stage moves to the center of the chest. Gastric fluids creeping up the throat, in the worst case scenario, causes sudden discomfort in the chest which at times leads to cough reflexes. Patient in the situation does not respond any kind of medication. At some point or the ...

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Herbal treatment for Asthma attacks

Herbal Chikitsa The term ‘asthma’ derives its origin from a Greek word, which means breathlessness. Thus asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder which results in acute attacks characterised by breath shortness; a feeling of being unable to get enough air regardless of your constant efforts. Coughing, expectoration of stringy, sticky sputum and a feeling of tightness in the chest are the common symptoms of ...

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Ten best libido enhancing foods

Herbal Chikitsa  Want to increase your libido? You can do it through the diet you take. There are ten best food items which sure will make you go randy. As a study suggests, half-castrated rats administered with Goji berries in a lab test went wild with sexual urge. One testicle deficit did not come in the way of boosting their ability to indulge in carnal desire and reproductive ability. This proves beyond ...

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How useful are fruits..?

They are an absolute feast to our sight. Their colour and flavour makes them darling of all. No wonder, we all like to eat fruits for their delicious taste and sweetened flavour. Fruits are no doubt a treat everybody. But, they also have wonderful medicinal properties which most of us are not aware of. In fact, fruits are truly wonderful gift of nature to mankind. Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many ...

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